Thursday, 31 January 2019

Tips for a Student who is Blind or Partially Sighted

Blog by Anu Pala
Be proactive! It is your responsibility as a student to take responsibility for your education. Accessibility Services is happy to provide support.

When considering a post secondary institution, ensure that the school has an active Accessibility Services that supports in place to help you navigate the system.

Make contact with Accessibility Services as soon as practicable to begin discussing your education support needs.

Request documentation from your Doctor, describing the nature of the functional limitations of your disability and the accommodations that you may require.

Building a good relationship with the staff in Accessibility Services, and faculty and staff who will contribute to your success.

Practice patience. It can take time to get supports in place. Be assertive, but not aggressive when making requests or following up.

Request to speak to your professors prior to your course to establish a relationship. Discuss concerns and ask questions.

If there are materials that are inaccessible or you have not received the name of a textbook for an upcoming course, it is your responsibility to approach the program head or your contact at the Accessibility Services office.

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