Funding advice from the pro's

The  Financial Aid & Awards team at Royal Roads University has years of experience helping students fund their education. This blog is an informal platform to share tips and advice we've picked up along the way. You can expect posts about once a month.

For more information about Financial Aid & Awards — including how to apply for government student loans, internal awards listings and research grant opportunities — visit the RRU website and browse the Financial Aid and Awards & Scholarships sections. Or send us an email with your questions and we'll get back to you soon.


Meet the bloggers

Gwen Campden
Manager, Student Success

I’ve worked in the field of Financial Aid & Awards since 1999, helping students to navigate the rules and policies of many different funding programs. Lately my role at RRU is more behind the scenes, ensuring that the funding available through the university and RRU Foundation is used to the maximum benefit of students, rewarding excellence and addressing financial need.

I am also RRU’s primary scholarship liaison officer to the government granting agencies. Assisting students with research scholarships is a passion. I feel that my educational background, including undergraduate studies in environmental studies, a Diploma in Business Finance and Investment Management, and a Master of Arts in Professional Communication from RRU, is well suited to coaching a wide range of students through their first research scholarship application.
While my team mate in Financial Aid & Awards is the face of our operations, I am very happy to discuss research funding as part of early educational planning.

Meghan Reusing
Financial Aid & Awards Advisor

I know what it’s like to be a student in today’s economic climate because I’ve been there.  As well as having a diploma in Applied Communication, I recently graduated from the BA in Professional Communication program at RRU. During this time I applied for my first ever student loan,  wrote my first scholarship application essay, and didn’t cut my hair for over a year in order to save money.
I started working in the Financial Aid & Awards office in August 2013 and quickly learned that I love talking with students about funding options. I’m a bit of a budget nerd and am very interested in the strange and complex world of government student loans.
I’m the frontline person of our two person team here in Financial Aid & Awards (or FAA as we affectionately call it). Contact me anytime if you’ve got questions about funding your RRU education.