Tuesday, 13 March 2018

How to Thank You

Congratulations! You’ve won an award or bursary. Now, capture that feeling and share it with the donor.

Think about why you’re excited or feeling relief. This is the real value and purpose of the award. This is why this award exists, and we need your help in growing our awards program so that more students can enjoy that feeling.

Thanking the donor helps them understand the impact of their donation, which builds or strengthens their relationship with RRU. A good thank-you note pays respect to the time and investment they’ve made. 

To write a good thank-you now, re-read the award description on the web so that it’s fresh in your mind what’s important to the donor.


Start the letter with the standard salutation, Dear Mr./Ms./Mrs./Dr. [last name].


Paragraph 1 – Write which award you received and how receiving the news made me feel. How will this funding help you?

Paragraph 2 – What did you do to earn this award? What interests do you share (from the award description)?

Paragraph 3 - Describe why you come to RRU and what do you hope to do in the future. Will you help anyone in turn? The ripple effect or mindset of ‘paying it forward’ is so heartening.


It’s appropriate to thank a donor within two weeks of receiving the good news. While it may seem like a small gesture, thank you cards are an important part of maintaining good relationships with donors. They help ensure continued support so that future students can benefit from the RRU awards program, as you have.

Your thank-you can be in the form of a card or letter, or something else if you’re feeling creative. A personal touch is always nice, like a hand written note in a card or signing your name on a typed letter. Some students have even included photographs of themselves or artwork from their children!

Thank you for helping us build or strengthen relationships and support future students.

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