Monday, 1 December 2014

Interdisciplinary Studies Students: How to Apply for RRU In-Course Awards

At first glance, students in interdisciplinary studies programs at RRU may feel there are no in-course awards available to them. While there are no awards specific to interdisciplinary studies programs at this time, students can still apply for awards. (We do hope to find donors to support awards for these programs in the future.)

This post outlines some strategies you can use when applying for in-course awards.

Apply for awards that relate to your course work or area of research

Some awards list a specific program, school or area of study in the criteria. If your RRU courses or research topic relate to the criteria, you can apply for the award.

For example, if you’re a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies student taking justice studies courses, you can apply for an award for BA in Justice Studies students.

In your essay, demonstrate your eligibility by highlighting your course work or research as it relates to the criteria.

Look for awards with general criteria

Not all in-course awards require you to be in a specific program or school. Look for awards with more open-ended criteria, such as financial need, community involvement or character.

Remember that these awards naturally get more applicants. A strong application essay will increase your chances of winning.

Write a strong application essay

The 1-page essay is your chance to tell the judges why you are the best candidate for the award. Our post on How to Write an Award Winning-Essay is full of good tips, but here’s a quick overview of things you can do to give your essay a competitive edge:
  • Address the eligibility criteria for all awards you want to apply for
  • Only apply for awards you are eligible for, and then tailor your essay to these awards
  • Describe what you’re doing to reduce your financial need if you’re asked to demonstrate need
  • Format your essay in a way that’s easy to read. For example, use headings or bullet points to help organize information
  • Refine your essay to one page. Extra pages will not be accepted
The Financial Aid & Awards team is always happy to answer questions about RRU awards. Get in touch with a team member by email here.

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